You’re invited to explore the last remaining land for sale at Inverness Yeppoon. Take a walk through the rainforest. Follow Inverness Creek as it meanders east towards the ocean. Or traipse the southern slopes behind Lots 13-16 to find the source of the natural spring. Go on an adventure today and see what your new backyard looks like at Inverness Yeppoon or call for a guided tour. Large north-facing blocks of land for sale within minutes of Yeppoon’s town centre.

Inverness Yeppoon, land for sale
Inverness Yeppoon looking East towards Yeppoon's main beach

Lot 1 Sypher Drive Inverness Yeppoon 4703

Lot 1

  • Size: 4917 m2
  • Frontage: 40 m
  • Building Envelope: 1070 m2

Enjoy the elevated position of Lot 1 with long views down Saint Faith’s Valley towards Yeppoon and the cool SE breezes. The large flat building pad allows a northerly aspect build with the opportunity to enjoy your own private rainforest and Inverness Creek.

Lot 2 Inverness Yeppoon 4703

Lot 2

  • Size: 4622 m2
  • Frontage: 50 m
  • Building Envelope: 1053 m2

Lot 2 is like no other with two large flat building envelopes both with street access. The opportunity exists to build your home on either level, then use the remaining level for a pool, cricket pitch and a shed to store all the toys. The elevated position captures the SE breeze and long views down Saint Faith’s Valley. There is also easy access to explore the untouched bushland and Inverness Creek in the northern garden. (House & Land package available)

Lot 3 Sypher Drive Inverness Yeppoon 4703

Lot 3

  • Size: 3792 m2
  • Frontage: 44 m
  • Building Envelope: 709 m2

With a little gardening this lot offers plenty of privacy from its neighbours – imagine establishing more trees on either side of you, using the wheelbarrow paths that have been shaped into the slopes – then sitting back and listening to the birdsong from your own rainforest. Explore the northern garden, on your way to Inverness Creek, where you will find cycads fruiting, grass trees, Eucalypts and the occasional wallaby.

Lot 4 Sypher Drive Yeppoon 4703

Lot 4

  • Size: 4951 m2
  • Frontage: 44 m
  • Building Envelope: 987 m2

Lot 4 contains its mysteries well. If you drive by, you will see a large, north facing, benched building pad – designed to capture the breezes and allow your entertaining area to flow into the bushland. When you begin to explore, you will find the point where two creeks meet, creating a small peninsular covered in grass trees, eucalypts and the occasional cycad. Venture further in and there is a large flat area above the creek which has been home to many childhood adventures and camp-outs.

Lot 5

  • Size: 3770 m2
  • Frontage: 34 m
  • Building Envelope: 686 m2

With a short descent off the road and a large, flat building pad, it would be easy to imagine living here. Dappled shade on the west already exists, a small campfire has been created in the backyard to cook the sausages and the creek banks are deep yet easily accessible if you choose.

Lot 6 Sypher Drive Inverness Yeppoon 4703

Lot 6

  • Size: 3061 m2
  • Frontage: 35 m
  • Building Envelope: 810 m2

Large, flat and open space awaits you here. With established shade on the western side, easy access to Inverness Creek and the beauty and sounds of your own rainforest – it can be hard to believe that you’re within walking distance of Yeppoon’s town centre and main beach. Keep an eye out for the wallaby and bird prints in the sandy creek bed.

Lot 7 Sypher Drive Inverness Yeppoon 4703

Lot 7

  • Size: 2865 m2
  • Frontage: 36 m
  • Building Envelope: 860 m2

    Newly constructed – as we realigned Charlie Sypher Creek to create one large, flat building pad.
    Explore the northern bushland and notice the change in the rainforest as Inverness Creek meanders east and the forest floor becomes more fertile with ferns and vines. (House & Land package available.)

Lot 8 Sypher Drive Inverness Yeppoon 4703

Lot 8

  • Size: 4365 m2
  • Frontage: 50 m
  • Building Envelope: 867 m2

Hidden from the road (and with a little gardening, your neighbours too), this large long and flat building envelope looks north straight into a lush rainforest backyard. Sypher Creek has been redirected to join Inverness Creek earlier leaving the perfect space to build your pool (subject to Council Approval). Explore the rainforest here and find vines thicker than your forearm hanging from the trees.

Lot 9 Sypher Drive Inverness Yeppoon 4703

Lot 9

  • Size: 5014 m2
  • Frontage: 19 m
  • Building Envelope: 994 m2

Enjoy the privacy that comes with the largest block in the development plus the added advantage of being at the end of a cul-de-sac. This block is huge – with room for an amazing home, game of footy and extensive garden. There is a magnificent tree in the corner of the north-eastern garden with vines winding their way through the foliage, plus palms, vines and ferns throughout the sandy creek bed.

Lot 10 Sypher Drive Inverness Yeppoon 4703

Lot 10

  • Size: 2261 m2
  • Frontage: 20 m
  • Building Envelope: 1342 m2

Lot 10 offers a large building envelope; privacy that comes with end-of-cul-de-sac living; plus easy access to the walking path leading to Yeppoon’s town centre. It is easily fenced with room for a good shed and the family dog. (House & Land package available.)

Lot 1 Sypher Drive Inverness Yeppoon 4703

 Lot 11

  • Size: 3212 m2
  • Frontage: 43 m
  • Building Envelope: 690 m2

With a slight elevation above the road, your view is directed into the northern hills of Cap Coast National Park and a crop of pine trees that sit amidst the native bushland. There is room to build a large home and capture the south-east breezes, plus space to build your shed and pool. There is also easy access to the walking path that leads into Yeppoon’s town centre, cafes and main beach. (House and Land package currently under construction.)

Lot 12 Sypher Drive Inverness Yeppoon 4703

 Lot 12

  • Size: 2370 m2
  • Frontage: 47 m
  • Building Envelope: 772 m2

Heading back up the hill, Lot 12 is nestled into Saint Faith’s Reservoir hill with long northerly views and a good breeze. Imagine establishing a beautiful garden on the slopes in front and to the East – creating bushland privacy right in the middle of town. Explore up behind the building pad and you will discover some magnificent cycads of different varieties.

Lot 13 Sypher Drive Inverness Yeppoon 4703

 Lot 13

  • Size: 4818 m2
  • Frontage: 70 m
  • Building Envelope: 684 m2

With the longest street frontage of the development and an open, sunny building pad it is easy to imagine living here. The cool SE breezes make their way up the valley, a spring-fed creek trickles for most of the year in the garden, and if you explore the southern nature reserve you’ll find wallaby tracks crisscrossing through the slopes.

Lot 14 Sypher Drive Inverness Yeppoon 4703

Lot 14

  • Size: 4126 m2
  • Frontage: 20 m
  • Building Envelope: 515 m2

The elevation of Lot 14 offers long views both north and east into the hills, whilst capturing the SE breeze. With a little gardening you could ‘disappear’ all your neighbours and sit back and enjoy your own piece of bushland right in the middle of town. Explore the southern garden which runs up Saint Faith’s Reservoir hill, splashing your feet in the spring-fed creek and wandering the wallaby trails that lead past cycads, grass trees and eucalypts.

Lot 15 Sypher Drive Inverness Yeppoon 4703

Lot 15

  • Size: 2149 m2
  • Frontage: 37 m
  • Building Envelope: 688 m2

A surprising block this one which is hard to know without getting out and exploring. With a flat, elevated building pad that captures the SE breeze, long views both north and east, plus a gradual ascent into the open sunny slopes of the nature reserve behind. Here you’ll find cycads and wallaby trails, a spring-fed creek and a place to just sit in nature and unwind.

Lot 16 Sypher Drive Inverness Yeppoon 4703

Lot 16

  • Size: 3689 m2
  • Frontage: 31 m
  • Building Envelope: 612 m2

Nestled into nature with long views into the northern and eastern hills, this elevated building pad captures all the breezes as they flow up Saint Faith’s Valley. Venture into the southern nature reserve, through some beautiful tall trees to find the spring-fed creek and wandering wallaby trails.

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